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British Fabrics - Printed in Macclesfield

Premium printed silk ties

Ties in silk fabrics printed by Adamley and Robert Keyte, Macclesfield (UK). Adamley and Robert Keyte are the world leader when it comes to premium printed fabrics and they make fabrics for all the big names in the premium tie industry. They use traditional techniques like "screen printing" which is to print by hand, as well as digital printing. When printing by hand you get supperior colors and a more exact print. The colors punch through better, when you look at the back of the fabric it has the same color as the front. This is not the case when printing digitally. Many of our customers love these printed silk ties.

Partially unlined with handrolled ends

We use a fourfold, untipped construction in these printed silk ties and with a light quality interlining.

The construction means that the fabric is folded four times, the tie is partially unlined with no tipping in the ends, "untipped". The ends are sewn and rolled by hand to create the ultimate in luxury tiemaking. This gives the tie the perfect feel, drape and of course and excellent fourinhand knot.

Silk ties = formal occasions? 

We at Granqvist pick the patterns and the silk quality we want. After production these fabrics are shipped to our tie maker in the south of Italy. A silk tie with printed pattern is great for formal occasions, use it with a dark suit for work or festivities. Perhaps a nice silk tie for your wedding? However you can also use printed silk ties like these with a odd jacket or even with a denim shirt under a merino halfzip pullover or vest. We like to experiment and we urge you to do the same.

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Pindot Printed Silk Tie - Untipped - Navy/White Pindot Printed Silk Tie - Untipped - Navy/White
Solid 50 oz Silk Tie - Untipped -  Burgundy Solid 50 oz Silk Tie - Untipped -  Burgundy
Aztec Printed Silk Tie - Untipped - Yellow Aztec Printed Silk Tie - Untipped - Yellow
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