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Floral Silk Tie - Untipped - Burgundy/Orange

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Artikelnummer: 5326
  • Floral silk tie with woven pattern
  • Fabric woven in Como, 100% silk
  • Measurement: 150x8,2 cm
  • Partially unlined with handrolled ends. Fourfold construction
  • Made in the south of Italy

Jacquard silk

Jacquard fabrics are fabrics with complex patterns woven into the fabric itself, too advanced to be woven on regular looms. The year 1805 Joseph-Marie Jacquard created the first Jacquard loom. Jacquard fabrics are great for tie making and is commonly used in production of quality ties in silk but also in blend fabrics, such as wool and silk.

Fourfold construction - Partially unlined with handrolled ends

"A classic and time consuming construction which gives the tie the perfect drape, knot and feel"

Imagine a unconstructed jacket without lining and with soft shoulders. It is light and drape well. This feeling is something we want you to experience when it comes to ties and the fourfold construction with handrolled ends gives you just that. The handrolled edges (which takes about 20 minutes to make) gives you that extra flair for an elegant look.