Fri frakt inom Sverige vi köp över 1000 kr


  • Do you ship worldwide?  
Yes, we do. We use Postnord, the largest courier in the nordics, within EU and FedEx when shipping outside of the EU. We are very proud to have happy customers all over the globe.

  • Is VAT included online?
VAT is included as a standard (25% Swedish VAT), however you can choose to see prices without VAT in the top of the page ("tax incl"). We deduct VAT on all orders outside of EU.
  • Where are your ties and accessories made?
We produce most of our accessories in the south of Italy. The factory is known for making luxury ties for many premium brands. We also have a small production in Como.

  • What quality are your ties and accessories?
We offer premium ties and accessories. If you look around the web and compare you will find the ties in the same construction and quality of fabrics at a much higher cost (115-150 Euros is not uncommon). This is something we have been aiming at - To give you exceptional quality without the hefty price tag.

  • What shirt size should I choose?
There is a size chart, so choose a shirt in the webshop and click it. Compare with one of your shirts at home.

  • What quality are your shirts?
We use high quality fabrics (mostly twoply) from italian weavers such as Monti, Albini, Testa and Brixiatrade among others. Our shirts are made in Europe, most in Italy. We compare the quality with well known swedish brands such as Eton among others, just without the hefty pricetag.