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Large Medallion Ancient Madder Silk Tie - Untipped - Navy Blue/Green/Red

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Artikelnummer: 4784
  • Ancient Madder tie with a large medallion pattern in navy blue
  • Premium fabric in 100% silk, Ancient Madder, printed by hand in the UK by Adamley Textiles
  • Measurements: 150x8 cm
  • Fourfold construction with handrolled hems. This gives the tie a light and airy feel and helps produce a tight four-in-hand knot
  • Made by hand in the south of Italy in a family run factory. Here they have been producing premium ties since the late 70´s

Fourfold construction - Partially untipped with handrolled ends

"a classic and time consuming construction that gives the printed silk tie its perfect drape, knot and feel"

Imagine a jacket with no interlining, a so called unconstructed jacket. It is light and drape well. This is the feeling you get with a untipped tie and the handrolled and handstitched ends adds an extra dimension of luxury. It takes about 20 minutes to roll and stitch the ends on a printed silk tie. Our untipped ties are made in a so called fourfold construction (standard is three) which gives the tie a more symmetrical look and feel.

Printed fabrics

We use the best printed fabrics in the world, handprinted fabrics produced in Macclesfield, UK and digital printed fabrics from Como, Italy. Printed silk fabrics are often used with suit for work or formal occasions but can be seen more and more in semi formal outfits.  

Our comment

We love ties with printed patterns! The light construction and the high end fabric from Adamley Textiles (world leader in producing luxurious handprinted fabrics) makes this tie something extra. It has a great drape and you will get a perfect single or double four-in-hand knot. We recommend to match the tie with a pocket square of your choice.